Our Mission is to empower and equip ambitious women to create their most successful career with work-life harmony.

A portion of our revenue is donated to Girls Inc. If you cannot join or attend please consider donating directly at:  www.GirlsInc.org

The Women Leaders Association is the world's largest women executives association with over 35,000 women in executive and leadership positions who are committed to the development and advancement of women in the corporate arena. We are solution-driven leaders and change makers who wish to excel in our professional and personal lives.

We help high-achieving, successful women by giving them the tools, strategies, and network needed to master their work without sacrificing what matters most. We believe that by empowering and equipping women to thrive in the modern workforce, companies and organizations will achieve new levels of success and excel in ways previously unimagined.

About the Planning Organization?

A portion of our revenue is donated to Girls Inc. If you cannot join or attend please consider donating directly at:  www.GirlsInc.org

Each of our 80 metro-based chapters and 30 state-based chapters features successful top local women executives who volunteer to share their ideas, strategies, and what worked for them with other rising and aspiring women at our monthly meetings or annual conferences. The overall planning of the Women Leaders Association's yearly events and chapter meetings is managed by the Executive Summits which is dedicated to supporting a number of associations globally. The co-planners of the conference series are:

Julianne Kirkland

Julianne Kirkland is a mastery trainer, speaker, life-coach and international best-selling author. Her training expertise as an Overcomer Strategist to help turn life's stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Julianne heads the WLA Mastermind/Networking Groups.

Shelley Taft

Shelley joined the team 14 years ago and serves as a Senior Program Director responsible for events planning and speaker selection for a number of our events. Before joining our team she had a similar role with Vistage (a worldwide association of CEOs) for 12 years.

Ginger Whatley

Ginger is an accomplished events manager with a proven record of planning dynamic events with diverse audiences. She has particular expertise in strategy and events participation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Maria O'Mailey

Maria is helping along our product line with event planning and speaker booking. Maria is highly diversified and has studies all across the globe, including her masters degree in Communications and Globalization from Aalborg University.

Barbara Willis

Barbara is responsible for keeping our planning team on task and efficient. Barbara is highly personable, communicating directly with our speakers and members to ensure their expectations and outcomes are exceeded before and after event day.

Julie Carpenter

Julie leads our research and publications function responsible for member services. These include meeting summaries, monthly book summaries, best practices and news. She has a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Memphis.

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